Dictionary of slang most commonly used in Cape Town my broer!

Is it? "Is that so", or sometimes abbreviated to "eh". This generally follows any statement made by someone else.
As well Also, e.g. I am going . . . as well.
Just now Some time soon, but no-one seems to know, or care when. e.g. We are going just now.
broer Brother, not neccessarily family. (Pronounced "Broor" but RRRoll those R's!)
Ja Yes (Ja, broer)
Howzit? "How are you?", or actually it derives from "How is it?"
Robot A traffic light!
Lekker Very good
South Easter The prevailing wind in the summer, also known as the Cape Doctor.
Bergies Local homeless, who given half the chance will send a wailing echo from between their two or three remaining teeth referring to your mothers genitalia: "Jou ma se poes!"
Castle Beer
Lion Also a beer
Black Label Americas lusty lively beer???
Biltong A piece of dry spiced raw meat. Doesn't sound too good but goes down well with a castle whilst watching rugby or cricket at Newlands.
Snoek Type of barecuda fish that is sold everywhere by the local fishermen.
Kreef Lobster also known as crayfish.
Perlemoen Abelone. If you've never eaten this shellfish then you are really missing something.
Boerewors A thick type of sausage which is actually made from the intestines of an animal and stuffed with spicey minced meat, yum!
DroŽwors Boerewors that has hung out to dry.
Braai An open fire made with heaps of wood which, after many social hours and many castles, lions and black labels turns to coal which you can cook anything on: snoek, kreef, perlemoen, boerewors, steaks etc...
Potjiekos Sometimes just known as a pot. A large black steel pot gets placed on the coals of a fire and a meal is slowly brewed. The varieties of dishes are endless and the flavours are out of this world.
Koeksuster Something sweet for afterwards. I suppose the best description would be a twisted, gooey, sticky . . . . . (There isn't actually a word for it - just give it a try)
Rusks A hard, thick, chuncky biscuit that looks more like an old piece of bread. This gets dunked in your coffee in the morning.
Egg Beaters People who ride paddle ski's.
Door mats Boogie boards, really good for getting your car unstuck when caught in thick sand.
Cool box Eski / Chilly bin ... to keep the beers cold.